School of Discipleship

There are three levels for this course

Level 1 – Getting Started  

Your First Steps As A Christian, The Journey of Discipleship, How to Get the Most Out of Bible Study, Nurturing A Passion for Prayer, Developing and Using Your Faith, Your New Spiritual Home, The Church, The Heart of Worship, Getting to Know the Holy Spirit, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Becoming More Like Jesus: Sanctification, How to Deal with Temptation, The Fruit of the Spirit, Beating Fear and Anxiety. 

Level 2 – Facing Issues

Overcoming Anger, Forgiveness, Building Better Relationships, Perseverance, Receiving God’s Correction, How to Handle Failure, The Gifts of the Spirit, Your Money, Why Does God Permit Suffering?, How to Discover God’s Will?, Understanding Spiritual Authority, Finding Your Place in Ministry, Striving For Excellence. 

Level 3 – Making A Difference

Developing Vision, Christ-Centered Goals, The Mission of Evangelism, A Teachable Attitude, Servant hood in the Local Church and Beyond, Making the Most of Your Time, Your Abilities and Talents, Developing Leadership Ability, The Importance of Teamwork, Building Unity in the Local Church, Handling Conflict, Improving Your Attitude, Overcoming Obstacles. 

Total Subjects Covered: 39

Lessons are taught in English and Tamil.  

Course Fees: $720 ($80 per month)

Registration Fees: $50 

Course Timing: Wednesdays @ 7.30 pm

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Discipleship

Course Commencement date: Feb 7, 2018

For further details please contact Pastor Grace Samuel