S.A.L.T Centre

SALT (Smyrna Assembly Leadership Training) Centre was founded by Rev. Samuel Gift Stephen in 2010. It was a long-time vision and desire of the late Rev. Dr. John Sam Stephen, the founder of Smyrna Assembly. With the help of Rev. Dr. Steven Francis, the Principal of SALT Centre, we were able to plan out our first course which is the School of Leadership and begin the school with a total of 37 students.

In the year 2011, we started the School of Discipleship. This course acts as the foundation course for young believers who want to learn more about the Christian life and issues. In the year 2012, we also started with the School of Ministry which aims to train believers for the full-time ministry. In between, SALT has also offered courses for children to be trained in the Bible during the school holidays.

Our school aims to train and equip believers to serve our Tamil speaking community especially. As you know that Singapore has a great number of aging population, we have a huge responsibility to reach out to the Tamil speaking elders in our community who needs to hear the Gospel in their own language.


As the Tamil language is becoming unpopular among the younger generation, we aim to train more people to share the Gospel in Tamil to preserve the language and to reach out to the older generation. Our classes are conducted in English and Tamil for better understanding for the benefit of everyone, even the non-Tamil speaking believers.

We want to encourage you to sign up for these courses, and get trained to reach out to the lost people around you. As time is running out, let’s set apart some time for equipping so that we can be edified and in turn edify others. Jesus is coming soon!


Course Available for 2018:

School of Discipleship – Starting on Feb 7, 2018


Person to Contact: Ps. Grace Samuel