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Rev John will be remembered first and foremost as a mighty servant of God. From his days proclaiming the Word of God on the streets of  Colombo, Sri Lanka to the months he spent onboard the gospel ship Ebenezer, to the years he spent ministering in the prisons, to the countless countries he visited with the sole purpose of evangelizing, nothing stood between him and his lifelong quest to fulfill the Great Commission.

His beginnings in Singapore were humble, with a pittance in his pocket and Just 2 shirts on his back but with his eyes constantly on the Lord, the impossible became Reality. Today we gather in a sanctuary that stands as a testament to the Faithfulness of The Lord in the life of Rev John. He impacted countless lives from all walks of life, from the highest to the lowest but in this dealings with all he maintained the same humility and Compassion. He volunteered and was also asked to be a guest of honour at many Government and community events but the moment he was give a chance to say a word, He would only proclaim the name of our Lord.

Lest we forget, Rev John was a deeply committed family man too. He cherished his wife deeply, loved and nourished her thru their 32 years together. He was also a doting and loving father to his 2 sons and in the midst of his many ministries And commitments always made time to nurture and direct them in the ways of the Lord. Recently he became a granddad and that was a proud and precious moment  for him.

As we look back on his life, we are naturally drawn to remenise of the many times we Shared together both good and bad but let us for a moment cast our eyes to heaven and picture the majestic crown that has been placed on his head and the multitude of angels that are rejoicing together with him this day and for eternity. Let us not forget that our Parting is just for a moment and one day, “in the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore.”

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