Music for Christ

The “Music For Christ” is unique in that it is “uniquely” and “identifiably” Christian. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Samuel Gift Stephen this School has blessed many.


If you want to learn either Keyboards, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums & SPD Pad to play for your Church than this is the place to be. We are not like other Music Schools because our main aim is for you to learn an instrument quickly and effectively. For Example if you follow our instructions carefully and practice everyday you should be able to play basic music for your church in 3 months. Many have been blessed through this School. Not only is it affordable but very effective. We offer individual or group lessons.


  • Please take note that there will be a test after every level. Only those who pass the test will be promoted to the next level.

  • Certificates will be given upon completion of your course.

  • All teachers are Local Church Musicians who have a heart to teach.

  • Students must go through a basic entry test to check if they are tone deaf.


Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drum & Spd, Choir, Worship Leading & Sound


If You would like to learn an Instrument, Sing or operate the Sound System please contact our Church Office @ 67536730 or email to


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