Children Ministry

Children of Smyrna are a comprehensive Christian educational ministry for children at all ages of development, from 4 years to 12 years old.


On Sunday morning, our Children of Smyrna come together at 9:00am for Sunday School. Following the "Large Group/Small Group" model, we meet together for an opening time of singing, and then move with our age-specific small groups to different activity classes; ending in a time of prayer for one another in their small groups.


Every day, children are bombarded with the things of this world that go against their belief in God. Here, at Smyrna Assembly, we are training up Children to put on the "Armor of God", as described in Ephesians 6:13, so they can stand up for their faith and live their lives for Christ. By the time they graduate from Primary 6 (12 years), they will be equipped with the complete armor of God to face the challenges that Secondary School brings to their faith.


This child-focused, curriculum allows children to be fully engaged in the bible lesson rather than being observers of it. Children learn in different ways so we want to use all of those ways in order to engage each child with the good news of the gospel.


We want our children to do more than learn about God, but to live their lives for God.


Our Children of Smyrna ministry is made up of three different components

Kindergarten: (5 – 6 yrs. old).

Lower Primary: (7-9 yrs. Old)

Upper Primary: (10-12 yrs old)


We invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities that lay ahead in the coming year. If you are interested or you know anyone who would be interseted in taking part in any of the Children of Smyrna gatherings, or if you desire more information, please contact our Church Office @ 67536730 or


Empowering Lives! Creating Destinies!


When: Every Sunday

Where: Smyrna Assembly, 3 Yishun Street 11, Singapore 768645

Time: 9.00am & 7:30pm