S.A.M.E Ministry


Salvation through education


SAME was founded and inspired by the Holy Spirit in 2009. The mission aims to empower the lives of people in Singapore through education.


At SAME, we offer courses in

• Microsoft Office including MS word, Excel and Internet

• Spoken English



All the above courses are totally FREE of cost.

SAME batch 16 is currently underway.


This mission brings the souls to our doorstep and provides an opportunity to evangelize. We need volunteers to reach out to these precious souls.


If you are interested to be part of this mission or If you or any of your friends are interested to attend the course, kindly contact:


Bro Selva at 91067475


Is to provide free education to the needy and lead them to salvation through Christ. Besides our courses, we teach them about our GOD’s Love, good moral values and provide spiritual guidance and counselling.


So far, more than 700 students from different nationalities have benefited from these courses, lives have been transformed and many of these students are attending the church as testaments.